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Time Trial Series Update

The time trial series is fast approaching a climax despite the inclement weather. With 2 nights now left there is still plenty of opportunities to shake things up in the team standings as times are based on your best time for each course.

The plan (errr weather permitting)  is for the last Individual TT to be on Thursday 19th July. This will be followed with a Prize Giving night on Friday 20th July @8pm in the Leftbank (Upstairs). There will then be one more night of fun, as all 3 clubs have been just getting on far too well over the last few months we've decided to spice that up and introduce a bit of inter club competition! So the plan is to have a team of 5 (best 4 men, best woman from each club) representing their club in a team time trial on Tuesday 31st July. The teams for this will be announced at the Prize Giving night and we really hope that those not participating in the Team Trial will come along and support everyone in what promises to be an exciting way to finish off the series.

Team Time Trial will start at 7pm at Lahart's Garage, the route will head from there, out the Waterford Road, to and around the first roundabout (at the M9; marshalled), and back in the same road to finish opposite Laharts. There will be 5min gaps between each of the 3 teams.

Team Standings after 4 nights

Team times are based on the best times for each rider for each course. Results for each individual night can be found by scrolling down further.


Team Details and Accumulated Times
1 TEAM 10 (Andrew McCabe, Ed Browne, Ollie Millea, Roisin Hickey & Eugene Mullally) are currently 1st with Total Time : 6hrs 26mins 29secs
2 TEAM 11 (James Kelly, Ivan McMahon, Justin Conway, Deirdre Lawlor & Pat Maher) are in 2nd with Total Time: 6hrs 29mins 54secs
3 TEAM 8 (Eddie O'Keeffe, Fiona Cooke, Eoin O'Carroll, Ann O'Gorman & Stephen Kerr) are 3rd with Total Time: 6hrs 30mins 53 secs
4 TEAM 5 (Ronan Meally, Seamus O'Neill, Niall Lyons, Una Byrne & Stephen Dermody) are 4th : 6hrs 35 mins 42secs
5 TEAM 12 (Pat Tobin, Donie Walsh, Nick O'Carroll, Nichola Niolan & David Kennedy) are 5th : 6hrs 41mins 51 secs
6 TEAM 7 (Eoin Molloy, Terry Brophy, Denis Carrigan, Edel Brennan & Greg Holden) are 6th : 6hrs 48mins 39secs
7 TEAM 9 (Dave Williams, Colm Keher, Ray Lonergan, Siobhan O'Reilly & Walter Kelly) are 7th : 6hrs 52mins 52secs
8 TEAM 6 (Eoin Hogan, David O'Flaherty, Fintan Treacy, Fiona Maher & Emmet Dunne) are 8th : 6hrs 59mins 41secs
9 TEAM 14 (Ger Griffin, Shay Bollard, Pat Young, Marie Slattery & Joe Griffin) are 9th : 7hrs 7mins 25secs
10 TEAM 3 (Diarmuid O'Dwyer, Paul Dermody, Kieran Bergin, Mary Ann Connolly & Michael Murphy) are 10th : 7hrs 8mins 10secs
11 TEAM 2 (George Sherwood, Pat Murray, Alfie Stone, Mairead Lacey & John Molloy) are 11th : 7hrs 9mins 20secs
12 TEAM 4 (Mark Hayden, Ger Healy, Mike Sheilds, Emma Staunton & Paul Eustace) are 12th : 7hrs 14mins 53secs
13 TEAM 1 (Neil Butler, Eamonn Lennon, Colin Feely, Deirdre O'Reilly & Liam Egan) are 13th : 7hrs 23mins 00secs
14 TEAM 13 (Seamus Nash, Colm Murray, Emmet McAviney, Shirley Dowd & Clive Dunne) are 14th : 7hrs 32mins 50secs
15 TEAM 15 (Colin Pollack, David Cahill, Michael Raggett, Claire O'Neill & Victor Young) are 15th : 7hrs 35mins 36secs


Individual Standings - Top 3


Best Male, after 4 weeks

  1. Eoin Molloy (1hr 07mins 13secs)
  2. Ronan Meally (1hr 07mins 25secs)
  3. Eddie O'Keeffe (1hr 09mins 20secs).


Best Female after 4 weeks

  1. Nichola Nolan (1hr 18mins 05secs)
  2. Ann O'Gorman (1hr 21mins 19secs)
  3. Roisin Hickey (1hr 21mins 36secs).


Results for Each Night